Womens satchel

If your satchel is manufactured from 100 percent natural cow leather, it is a high-grade product that will last a long time if cared for correctly. We recommend that you take into consideration the following guidelines to get the most out of your satchel:

Though leather is pretty longevous, it is not imperishable. Using a purse during extremal heat or cold and unsuitable cleaning or care will potentially dry and disrupt the leather, liquidate trimmings and hues.

It is always good to give up using the satchel in rainstorm. Still, when the leather unluckily gets wet, you should better blur out any water and let it to dry naturally. After that it is better to use a leather protection cream to help repel water and sustain the leather, however you should inspect any cream on some unobtrusive part of your hand bag previously.

Regard that vibrant paints in the material will have a possibility to transfer across to lighter wear and vice-versa - so be careful.

The hand bag will obviously age eventually, but remain calm 'cause this is quite normal forasmuch as it is natural item. Standard Vaseline serves fine on minor abrasions to clean the bag.

It is recommended not to leave a bag in direct sunlight forasmuch as there is a threat that the tints of your satchel can fade.

It would be a good decision to care for the leather handbag with a correct spray. Take into account that you should check any product on some discreet part of your handbag in advance.

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womens satchel

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