Saddleback leather satchel

If your satchel is produced from one hundred percent natural cow leather, it is a hi-quality product that will last a long time if cared for rightfully. We recommend that you think about the following tips to care for your satchel:

Although leather is fairly long-lasting, it is not indissoluble. Using a bag during superfluous heat or cold and improper cleaning or care is likely to damage and dry the material, eliminate workmanships and colors.

It's a great idea to care for your leather handbag with an appropriate cream. Don't forget to test any protector on some unnoticeable section of your bag preliminarily.

We recommend to give up using the satchel during thunderstorm. Still, if the leather after all gets wet, it would be better for you to mop any water and allow it to dry naturally. Then you may want to utilize a leather protection product to help repel water and maintain the material, but you should check any product on some unnoticeable section of your handbag beforehand.

It is recommended not to leave a purse in direct sunlight as there is a risk that the dyes of a satchel will likely fade.

The hand bag will evidently age in the long term, even so remain calm since this is normal as far as it is organic item. Common Vaseline works nicely on minimal abrasions to clean your purse.

Bear in mind that glaring tints in the material are likely to transfer across to lighter clothing and other way round - so be careful.

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saddleback leather satchel

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