Billabong satchel

In case your satchel is constructed from 100% genuine cow leather, it is a high-grade item that will last a long time if cared for rightfully. It's recommended that you think about such advices to get the most out of your satchel:

A nice decision is to care for a leather satchel with a proper product. Take into consideration that you should test any product on some unobtrusive part of your satchel provisionally.

The experts agree that it is better to leave out carrying a satchel in thunderstorm. Though, when the leather unluckily gets wet, we suggest you to wipe out any moisture and let it to dry naturally. Then it should be better to utilize a leather protection product to help repel moisture and sustain the material, still do not forget that you should check any product on some inconspicuous part of your hand bag previously.

Take into consideration that shining paints in the leather will be able to transfer across to lighter outfit and conversely - so be careful.

Don't leave your bag in direct sunlight for there is a risk that the tones of your satchel will perhaps fade.

Your purse will naturally age with the lapse of time, but remain calm as this is OK forasmuch as it is organic item. Normal Vaseline works nicely on minor wearing away to burnish your hand bag.

Although leather is very long-lasting, it is not indissoluble. Using a bag during extreme cold or heat and unsuitable cleaning or care may disrupt and dry the leather, remove finishes and colours.

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billabong satchel

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