It is hard to imagine a contemporary woman who is able to do without such a useful accessory as a handbag. We buy bags for work and for the appearance, for parties and business meetings. Appointment of handbags is as diverse as their assortment. Many people make a mistake buying a universal bag. If there is insufficient space in a bag, than you'll have to carry something that did not fit in a bag in your hands if you do not want your handbag to lose its shape.

Handbags Purses Handbags Purses

You are unlikely to feel comfortable in the evening or in the theater with a too big handbag. So the choice of a handbag is a practical approach. If you choose a bag for work, pay attention to its capacity and color. If you have to comply with the dress code in your work, try to pick up a bag that looks perfectly with office clothing. Such bags can be found in the collections of Alexander McQueen and Tod's, they are medium sized and multi-colored.


Handbags Purses Handbags Purses

Purse is the most important accessory. But it is of no value by itself, it is only an addition to your wardrobe, and emphasizes and complements your style. Remember that the purse is an integral part of the image of a woman.

When buying a purse think about what time of year you'll be able to carry it and whether it is suitable for your shoes and clothes. Purse and shoes should be the same color. But this is really a classic and now it is not nesessary to follow this rule. You can still pick up a purse that suits your clothes but not matching the color of the shoes. You can even combine purses which at first glance seem incongruous with the things from your wardrobe. For example, you can combine a smart little purse with everyday wardrobe. In the evening this purse is perfect for a simple short sheath dress. On weekends you can safely wear this purse with your favorite shirt, cardigan, bright shorts and elegant yet simple black flip-flops.

Wholesale Handbags

Handbags Purses Handbags Purses

Many women seek to express themselves and their individuality through fashion accessories such as designer handbags. But authentic designer bags are very expensive, and to gather a large collection of accessories high costs are needed.

More and more popular nowadays is to buy wholesale designer handbags in order to have a large selection of bags of different brands and styles. Many stores offer online catalogs of their products and provide different kinds of customer services. Wholesale dealers buy a huge number of handbags directly from manufacturers, through this they can sell bags to customers even at bargain prices and still make a profit.

Wholesale Purses

Handbags Purses Handbags Purses

When you decide to buy a purse, the first thing that you have to consider is whether you are going to buy retail purses or wholesale purses. The price difference is significant, although the quality is identical. This is because the retail purses are made in small quantities, so the cost of their production is large and affects their price a lot. At the same time wholesale purses are made in large quantities, respectively the cost of their production is much lower, so prices are quite accessible. Thus when buying wholesale purses, there is no loss of quality but big gain in price.

Retail purses are usually sold in expensive luxury boutiques and online fashion stores. Often the number of purses of the same design may be less than 100 pieces, so their prices can reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Therefore, you can buy some wholesale purses of excellent quality for the same money that you pay for one designer purse.

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